Rice Programs and Projects

Rice has several programs and projects. These are funded and implemented by Government, Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations and Private Sector.All these programs and projects are expected to cause increase in rice production from 230,000 Mt to 680,000 MT by 2020.

  • MAAIF Programs
  • NARO Programs
  • NAADS Programs
  • PRiDe Project
  • IFDC Catalyst Project
  • PASIC Project
  • ACDP Project
  • Agro-processing
  • South-South Cooperation
  • MWE Irrigation Projects
  • MoLG
  • MTIC (Stores and Warehouses)
  • Feasibility Study (Medium and Large Scale Irrigation Schemes)
  • Irrigation Advisor
  • FAO (Italian Govt and GoU) project on Sunflower & Rice
  • Heavy Earth Moving Equipment for Combating Climate Change
farmers tranining

Farmers training on development of a rice paddy field