Rice Institutions

Agriculture is identified as a primary industry for national development in the NDP.Rice has been identified as a priority crop in DSIP.Rice is supported by various institutions including:

  • NARO
  • PMA
  • Office of the Vice president
  • MTIC
  • MoLG
  • USTA

  • IFDC
  • Rice Processors
  • JICA, FAO and
  • Sasakawa Global 2000
  • AfricaRice
  • World Bank
  • Africa Development Bank
  • Islamic Development Bank
  • IITA,EPRC, etc.


1st Rice Steering Committee Meeting in 2007 at MAAIF

Rice Platforms


A Training in the Regional Rice Training Centre, Namulonge, NacRRI -NARO

Rice stakeholder constituted the Rice Steering Committee (RSC) to oversee and guide the formulation and implementation of rice related polices.

The RSC is chaired by the Permanent Secretary- MAAIF and the Commissioner – Crop Production and Marketing is the Secretary.  In addition to the RSC, a Rice Technical Committee (RTC) was constituted as well as a Rice Industry Secretariat (RIS).

The RSC through its technical arm, the RTC coordinates the responsible Government agencies in guidance, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the NRDS implementation process. The related day to day activities of the RSC and the RTC are handled by the Rice Industry Secretariat (RIS).

Institutional Structure for Coordinating Rice Development activities in Uganda